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August is an award-winning, nationally recognized, triple certified resume writer and career expert guiding professionals to their next-level career goals.
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Personal Branding

Interview CoachingAre you crystal clear on what your value is compared to your competition? Can you articulate to an employer why they should hire you? Do you own your brand identity? If the answer is no, we can help.

In the modern world of work, an executive must navigate complex social media platforms, have compelling career marketing collateral, and quickly distinguish themselves from the competition for an audience that has an ever-shrinking attention span.

Starting with the intensive interview during your resume consult, August will guide you in identifying and developing your unique value proposition (UVP) that differentiates you from the competition. Not only will this information be the foundation for your new branded resume, it will help you structure and articulate your ROI to your current or future employer, and serve as the framework for additional career documents, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

360°Reach™ Personal
Brand Assessment System

Career ConsultingAugust is a 360°Reach™ Personal Branding Analyst and administers the 360°Reach™ Personal Brand Assessment System for resume and non-resume clients.

What is 360°Reach?

resume writing360°Reach™ is a personal brand assessment that provides you with the external insights that are essential to success. Developed by behavioral psychologists and branding experts, it gives you a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that is invaluable for ongoing professional and personal development.

 What kind of feedback does it provide?

360°Reach™ enables those people you select (Respondents) to provide input about your rational and emotional attributes, your greatest strength and greatest weakness, the team role that most suits you, etc. It also provides your Respondents with the opportunity to provide any additional comments they want to share. It includes two projective exercises to validate data and enable you to gain richer insights into what those around you think about you. Additionally, the assessment reveals Brand Personas and Leadership Competencies.

August is an award-winning Executive Resume Writer and coach employing and offering personal branding, personal branding focused interviews, and high-impact resumes that highlight your personal brand.


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