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August is an award-winning, nationally recognized, triple certified resume writer and career expert guiding professionals to their next-level career goals.
TORI Career Directors International 2009 Best Cover Letter 1st Place Award
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"I submitted my resume back on the Ladders sales post. They give a free resume critique, they sell resume services. The critique came back and I quote, “I hate to say this but your resume is PERFECT. I wouldn’t change a thing”. Thanks August."

Victor White

"While looking for resume writing services, I came across your site, and after doing the research and speaking to you personally, there was no comparison. Your services were outstanding and I am very pleased with the resume you provided. Thanks"

Steven Reid
Product Management

"August offers a unique connection between understanding the need for a professional resume, and the directed approach of tailoring it to the job description. Without her help my resume would have been like any other. The difference is in the fact that her goals are to get you to the interview stage. I wish all candidates that applied where I work used her as I did."

Bob from Baltimore

"Working with August has truly been amazing! August is very professional, knowledgeable, and a great motivator. August’s work is that of a perfectionist and she really cares about the success of her clients. August went above and beyond the call of duty and I am happy that I had the opportunity to work with her during my career endeavors. Two thumbs up for August Cohen!"

Claudette Felton
Project Management

"GHSH offers an intense professional assessment pinpointing your unique skill set, craft a targeted resume’, focus networking energies and sharpen interview strategies. The result is a well-honed awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. "

Transitioning to Private Industry

"I finished my interview. As I thought, it was a pre-interview. I think I did a great job. There was a tell me about yourself question, a question about my technical and writing skills, working with external partners and working on teams, one about budget experience and grants management experience, and a few yes/no questions. It was interesting and probably the most comfortable interview I've ever had. After the pre-interviews, selected candidates will be invited to interview again - she said it could take about a month (that's like CDC!) before the next interviews begin. I hope I'm called again!"

"Thank you so much for talking with me last night - I felt so much more confident in my ability to do well."

Quarantine Public Health Officer, CDC

"PS… I found out yesterday that one of my applications for the emergency preparedness positions was referred to the selecting officials. I rewrote my resume and application for this job to include your recommendations. I hope I'm also invited to interview for this one!"

"The benefit that GetHiredStayHired provided for me in executing my job search was incredible. August was insightful, detailed, professional and timely in her delivery of my resume. This is the first time in my professional career that the interview began with the interviewer commenting on the layout and appeal of my resume - in fact his exact words were " I loved your resume... it was the best resume I've seen". I'm confident that the layout and "verbiage" of my resume contributed to this interview resulting in a job offer - thanks August..."

Alan Neal
Orthotics Practitioner

"Wow. I’ll study it tonight but the presentation is stunning. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ll say right off that I’m glad you don’t buy into the one page resume for busy manager’s nonsense. I never thought that made any sense at all."

Senior Market Research Analyst, Sylvania

"August Cohen's Employment 101 course is amazing! I consider myself to have done tons of research about future employment. I've been to seminars, heard speakers, used my campus Career Services, and talked to Alumni and even with all of this, still did not learn much of the wisdom that August teaches. On top of learning all of the new wisdom I'd never heard, I was able to clarify some advice I'd heard in the past, and throw out a little outdated advice. Anyone looking to maximize their employment search efforts and go about it the smartest way definitely needs to take the Employment 101 course from August. It's vital for you to understand all of the big and little things you can do to get hired and stay hired with a position you want."

Bob Phoenix
Senior BS Business Administration and Music Performance
Kenan-Flagler Business School
UNC-Chapel Hill

"I recently attended a job fair. I handed out my resume to 3 different companies. They were very impressed with the layout, contents, and wording of my resume. I am very pleased with their positive response and the help I got from GetHiredStayHired. This was a good experience for me in how to better present myself in my resume."

Data Strategist, Project Manager

"I had offers on two positions when I was interviewing! August tweaked my resume, coached me through the interview process and made suggestions as I negotiated with both companies for the best package. August's input was invaluable in helping me obtain a wonderful job I enjoy!"

Software Support
Medical Technology Corporation

"I would like to thank you again for providing the opportunity to take part in the Employment 101 seminar. I gained some new and crucial insight into the process of entering and excelling in the professional world."

Yasha Rao
Sophomore BS Business Administration
Kenan-Flagler Business School
UNC-Chapel Hill

"The Employment 101 course taught by August Cohen not only greatly expanded upon the tips and information I have received from family and friends in professional fields, it provided a far more personal and insightful view of finding and maintaining a career in the modern job market. August's experience working in top corporations and extensive research in this field is evident in every facet of the program. I would highly recommend this course especially for students, like me, preparing on entering the work force."

Katie Pepin
Sophomore BS Business Administration
Kenan-Flagler Business School
UNC-Chapel Hill

"Ms. Cohen gave me excellent help in defining my business skills, and was a fountain of information when it came time to narrow my career choices."

Research Consultant
Pharmaceutical Industry

"August is an exceptional role model and career counselor. August is a powerful player in the business community and has always promoted women in business. She has been an integral part of my career planning from serving six years in the Armed Forces to my current position as a Senior Consultant with a major firm. When I transitioned out of the military, I had no professional business experience and received an immeasurable amount of information and strategy on: interviewing, dress codes, job searching, resume building, and salary negotiations. Her boundless knowledge and career coaching has helped me earn more than twice the average salary for a woman my age. I still frequently seek August's advice to ensure proper career planning and continued success."

Senior Consultant
Department of Defense Contractor

"August has an exceptional ability to grow and sustain excellent relationships even in the most challenging situations. This has been a major strength and reason for her outstanding successes with a proven track record during her career. I have consulted with August many times in regards to my career and her advice has been phenomenal. I too have achieved a 6 figure salary due to the amazing guidance that August has given me."

Sales Manager
Electronics Industry

"August has provided me guidance through several jobs at new companies. Although it was the same job title, “Account Manager”, each time I got a salary increase and more benefits. She also made me realize when I had maxed out the opportunities within that role, and encouraged me to finish my degree if I wanted to continue to climb the career ladder vertically. (She had to explain to me what that meant at first!!) I took her advice and finally completed my degree after 3 years of evening classes. My next move was to become a Marketing Manager, and now I have a whole range of opportunities to choose from if I want to ever change careers again now that I have my degree under my belt. Thanks August!"

Marketing Manager
National Insurance Agency

"I consulted with August in the middle of severe career burnout and stress, to the point it was impacting my health. I felt stuck because I had a very generous salary, and the lifestyle to go along with it. I was ready to quit, sell my house and find the least stressful job possible, even though I worried it wouldn’t be fulfilling and didn’t look forward to giving up my luxuries and my benefits. August helped me see there was a middle ground, and encouraged me to look within my existing company for less stressful positions. Even though I did have to take a salary cut, I was able to find a new role that was less draining and was able to keep my benefits and become vested. With some adjustments to my lifestyle, I was much happier and healthier and still had a career I could look forward to every day."

Alliance Manager

"I thought my resume was pretty good – and it was. But after I saw the improvements August made I could see the difference between a good resume and a great one! Thanks August."

Mitch Saunders
Marketing Manager
National Brokerage Firm

"I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get August to help me with my resume. I will be getting out of the army soon and had gone through the ACAP program, but I still felt my resume needed work. I really liked the interview session I had when we went over my military career. I feel a million times more confident going out into the civilian world. I also know my resume looks so much better than my competitors will."

Captain, Logistics
US Army

"My family chipped in and got me a 3 hour gift certificate for GetHiredStayHired as a Christmas present. I had been unemployed over a year and my family was really worried about me, especially since my cobra benefits would be running out. I didn’t have a college degree and had given up hope of getting a decent job again. I never heard of a “career consultant” so I didn’t know what to expect. August helped me get my confidence back and gave me great advice on how to search for a job and on my resume. She even let me call her for free advice when I was interviewing to run things by her. I got a job as a fulltime Assistant Supervisor and hope to start night school since the company has education benefits. 2008 is going to be a much better year!!!"

K. Fulton
Assistant Supervisor
National Home Improvement Store

"To quote August: “Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish”. I make six figures but looked for a bargain resume service online – and that’s what I got. The resume I received was barely better than the one I created myself. In addition, the person working on my resume didn’t appear to have had practical real world business experience herself. She couldn’t relate my career to the types of executive positions I was seeking, much less help me adequately prepare for the interviews. August is the consummate professional and an invaluable resource. To quote me: 'Priceless'."

Vice President, Operations
National Consulting Firm


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